100th anniversary movie in Ambiente2024


New mt masking tape supplement catalog: Summer/Autumn 2023

No less than 77 new mt masking tapes, including designs for the 100th anniversary of the manufacturer Kamoi, can be found in the new mt masking tape supplementary catalog. Important retailer information: Christmas tapes should be ordered now to guarantee timely delivery, and as supplies are limited. - More information...

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This is the official page about the original  `mt masking tape` in Europe

(excl. France and UK, please ask us for contact details).


We want to give you plenty information and ideas of how to use these adorable mt masking tapes and we want to inform you about all novelties. Get in touch with us if you have questions or if you want to share your ideas with us. You are also very welcome to follow us on Instagram and others.
mt masking tape is the origina "washitape", made in Japan. mt is...


... easy to remove

... easy to write on

... transparent

... easy to rip 



mt masking tape works well for packaging, decorating, DIY-projects and art works. There are several hundreds types of mt masking tape. Lots of ideas, how to use mt masking tape, you`ll find in our mt blog and also on Instagram:


mt CASA. The Home Decoration Line
by mt masking tape


With extra wide mt masking tapes and with different kinds of mt CASA Sheets in various shapes, mt CASA offers you know a wide range to create your home in a totaly new way! Make it happen and let color in your life. Give it a try and decorate walls, furniture, windows, floors, offices and kids rooms - your fantasie is the limit!


Click here for an overview of the entire collection.




What can be done with mt masking tape? Watch, marvel at it and create yourself. 

Many more videos can be found on youtube and here...