Shops, shops, shops - mt masking tape paradise

In Kurashiki, hometown of mt masking tape, there are many shops selling mt masking tape with pride and surrender. Some shops let the customers craft and they do lovely decorations. We went on a shopping tour for you to give you some impressions. More information...


Okayama Castle - mt Tape Art on historical front

Amazing: Kamoi realy succeedet to tape the historical front of Okayama Castle during the „Okayama Hareiro Campaign“ and mt Factory Tour Vol.6 (April 2017). Would this ever be possible in Europe? We are going to do everything , to perform such awesome projects also here in Europe as soon as possible. Just to let you feel the same magical moments we felt, when we were in Japan, seeing all those great works with mt masking tapes. More information...


mt tram in Okayama

During mt Factory Tour Vol. 6 (April 2017) we went through Okayama, Japan, with this amazing looking mt tram, which is part of the "Okayama `Hareiro`Campaign" More information...


mt Factory Tour Vol.6
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Photo report about "mt Factory Tour Vol. 6"
(24. März bis 4. April 2017), Kurashiki, prefecture Okayama, Japan.
Around 11.000 visitors followed Kamois invitation and came to see all about the production of mt masking tapes... More information...

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