Guestbook on the wall

This guest apartment in Leipzig / Germany has a very special guest book: Compliments are written directly on the wall and decorated with mt masking tape. More information...



With "filofaxing" there are two premium products meeting: fILOFAX and mt masking tape. For about one year we are now going to filofax and we will show you what is sticking in it. We are happy to start this journey and we invite you to take part of it every week. Have a look at our entrys, appoinntments, lists and decorations. Here is his performance... More information...


Workshops are great events

For your clients is an "open workshop" great fun to learn how creative they can be with mt masking tape. You can show details and craft examples with kids and adults. And all you need is some mt masking tape, a few things to decorate with and a table. More information...

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