You can always make the best of it

Here you can see, what the "Wohngeschwisterchen" in Hamburg / Germany have done, when they had to be with a scaffold infront of their door:



They simply took some mt masking tapes and wrapped them around the iron rods. We have been there to take some pictures for you. Unfortunately it was raining and so it took some time to stick the mt masking tape. But it worked pritty good - it was just important to dry the surface with some papertowels before sticking the tape on. Once mt masking tape is sticking, no rain can bother your work.



Here you can see, how the rain falled.




If the mt masking tape has to be removed, it is no problem: with a quick sharp scratch lengthwise all mt masking tapes you can easily remove them without leaving any marks. But we are shure, that the constructors want to leave their scaffold as it is. And one day all scaffolds should be looking as bright and colorful as this one - just like a little peace of art in the streets.



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