mt masking tape has been at "Designgut"

With a small team of six, we wanted to use mt masking tape as a signpost through the building towards the exhibition. We wanted to catch the eyes and we wanted the visitors to be attuned to what they were going to see. Design and mt masking tape - that fits: mt masking tape is and makes design. Here are some impressions of our work in process and the result:


First the building, the "Gewerbemuseum" - a building with history an full of elegance:





Before - what are we going to tape?



After thinking about it and packing up, we are ready to go. Three days time and a lot of fun:



Firstly we are taping a border around the lift. Therefore we use our mt CASA "rust":




How amazing is this! There are some pillars and mt CASA "shelf" fits exactly! 20 cm space, so we can tape 2 stripes side by side. We love the result how it is ibeginning to interact with the museum:





Lunchtime. And laying out the next step:




A niche is becoming an oasis. Perfect to simulate an entrance - to perhapes a dschungle - is the combination of mt CASA "texture" (llike a stonewall) and mt CASA"ivy" (lgreen leaves). Starting:



And than, of cause, we want to have a graphic element in black and white with some neon details:





And here you can see, how it turned out:




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