HEYNIEK taped mannequins at Dutch Design Week


During the Dutch Design Week In October 2015 the big show and exposition named MODEBELOFTE took place in the Philips Stadion of Dutch Eindhoven. Modebelofte means "Fashion Promise" and is an intiative of Ellen Albers, owner of  the concept store YOU ARE HERE, presenting brightest fasshion talents.


Niek Pulles, the visual designer of HEYNIEK, used mt masking tape to performe the show, which was this year also relatet to "the world of sports, for our relentless quest for self-improvement, for performance enhancing innovation, and for pressing the limits of what is humanly possible and imaginable." Niek Pulles taped the pay kiosk, some signposts and - as a highlight of the Modebelofte - he taped alos sport mannequins!. Some of them had a muscle-skin.... others had a more graphical approach. And how can it else be? - The show won also an award for "Best of Dutch Design Week!


Congratulations and thank you, for using mt masking tape!

(photos: Barbara Medo & Won S. Choi):



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