mt meets: filofaxing Kathrin

Kathrin (23) from beautiful "Mittelfranken" in Germany and soon-to-be pharmacist has a keen hobby: filofaxing. 

"Actually I am my hole lifetime "addicted to stationery" and I have always loved to decorate my (travel) diaries and my homework notebooks", says Kathrin, remembering the early beginning of her leisure activity.



Three years ago she discovered for the first time mt masking tape on a blog. She was immediately "infected". Via her following washitape collection she came one and a half years ago to her hobby of filofaxing. The reason was the increasing hashtag #washitape with decorated planners more and more often. And this decoration of planners primary with washitape is called "filofaxing". Kathrin came to her hobby by her washitapes. And filofaxing is still her "top banana".




Very important for Kathrin, who has already established her own style: "For me, good photos do also belong to filofaxing as the decoration itself. And therefore it`s handy, that my second passion is the photography :)".




Kathrin publishes daily her decorated pages, photos and ideas on Instagram and sometimes also on her blog. She posts comments and photos in facebook-groups and explains with endurance what matters to the interested party.


Her washitape collection contains up to more than 1.000 tapes, not only of mt masking tape, but also others. Kathrin loves - matching to her ten (!) planners - brown tapes and travel patterns. She appreciates the original mt masking tapes cause of their quality




Meanwhile her style is often imitated, which she sees as a compliment. She is happy to see, that her inspirations bear fruits in the community. Anyhow an original "Kathrin-style" is easy to identify. Sureness about the original gives you the signature "@tandemtour" in each photo.



Visit Kathrin on Instagram named "tandemtour" or on her Blog "FAVtastic.blogspot.de"


(all photos: Kathrin Kaiser)

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