mt masking tape goes e-book

Here, we are going to inform you about the development of the very first mt masking tape e-book:


9. November 2015:


photo: Student Julia Steding (left) with Kerstin Schiemenz from mt masking tape (right)


Julia Steding, studies "Media & Information" at HAW in Hamburg/Germany. Within her course "Medienkonzeption" she now has to create an e-book.Therefore she has chosen mt masking tape (even when her instrucor is a little bit sceptical) and asked us for cooperation.


We do certain believe, that Julia is going to do a great job and we want to support her with material an information.


The e-book should be ready mid of December for the first correction run and the first chapters.


Meeting Julia for the first time, we are excited about her ideas and her enthusiasm, and also how she developed the beginning of the mt masking tape e-book. We talked four hours about mt masking tape and how the content in the e-book could be shown.


11. November 2015:



Julia had two long days crafting and decorating from the morning to the night. Than she took all the pictures, too, to include them later in the mt masking tape e-book. "It was much more work than I first thaught", say Julia "but it makes so much fun to see how lovely things become alive just out of some tape." In the photo above you can see Julias desk with some little hints on what we can expect soon in her e-book.



16. November 2015:



Julia is now working on her computer, producing the e-book. This is her biggest job now. In exactly four weeks it has all to be finished. We send her a lot of energy and a big hugh! Finally we want Julia to receive the highest possible mark! :-)



27. January 2016:


Julia is nearly ready! She completed her e-book and it was proofreaded by a fellow student. And now, Julia is going to present everything this Friday to her professor. 


We could already have a closer look to what Julia has done. And we tell you: she realy made a great job! She crafted a lot and took so many photos. And we know how much work it is but also how much fun. 


We are happy to show you soon the result! We are going to put a link for you here on the webside. But for today, we are going to keep our fingers crossed for Julias presentation comeing Friday!


We`ll report, how Julia is going on!

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