New: īmt CASA Sheet` for walls and floors

The īmt CASA Sheets` are made out of fleece-material. They feel thicker and strong. And they are! Cause `mt CASA Sheet` was specially developed to use on walls and floors - mt masking tape fans wished to have something to decorate their homes and offices in a very quick and easy way, in addition to mt masking tape.




Now, Kamoi fulfilled this wish. Their experiences in events, where they tape big areas with colorful surfaces, and where thousands of people walk on it for several days - this experience helped to develop īmt CASA Sheet` for domestic use.




As you know it already from mt masking tapes, īmt CASA Sheet` has the same adhesive properties. Everything is easy to remove and repositionable. So it is easy to use! You should always make a little test on your object before using it.



There are ten patterns for walls and three patterns for floors in this European introduction phase.`mt CASA Sheet` for floor have an extra layup. Therefore they are much stronger and should stand some bigger partys! :-)


Of course, you can do much more with `mt CASA Sheets`. How about book covers, furniture decorations or pimping your locker? The products of mt masking tape are as creative as its user is! - It`s up to you.  Making is fun!




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