Tape Art Exhibition: - e n d e d -
"The Art of Yvapurü and Frank Schoepgens"

In line with 5 popup shows of the  "galerie t" in Düsseldorf (Germany),  the popup#1 will exhibit works from the  artists Frank Schoepgen and Yvapurü. The exhibition is only opend for 3 days:

galerie t  - Hermannstraße 24 -  40233 Düsseldorf / Germany
opening: 24th March 2017 / 6 pm.



Frank Schoepgens (42) is photographer and artist, living in Cologne, Germany. Yvarurü (41) lives and workes as a freelance artist in Helsinki, Finland. Both met in Barcelona several years ago and started to do tape art works on the street which excited the public:




Meanwhile the works developed to something new and different, which you can find on plexiglass hanging in galeries.
Both artists had already their own exhibitions in the galerie t. In this coming popup show, they present their works again. The own works as well as the works they did together, named "The Art of Yvapurü and Frank Schoepgens".
For some of their works, the artists have chosen mt masking tape to use the variety of colors, the transparency effects and the easy processing:




We are very happy about the awesome film, Frank and Yvapurü made about their work:
"The Art of Yvapurü and Frank Schoepgens"


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