mt Factory Tour Vol.6
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If you want to join the yearly "mt Factory Tour", you have to apply for a ticket first by mail. If you are lucky, you`ll win the "mt pass" and the invitation. The tour through Kamois factory is for free.


Around 11.000 visitors are well organized and welcomed very warmhearted while taking them around. It is always a very exciting day and there are changing exhibitions and activities. Here are some highlights of the "mt Factory Tour Vol.6"!


You`ll find the report with plenty more photos about "mt Factory Tour Vol.5" (2016) in our blog archive!


24th March to 4th April 2017: At given times it goes well organized with the shuttle bus from the parking place in Kurashiki (Japan) to Kamois factory. Each visitor gets a pass:


Arriving at the factory, each guest gets a gift - an "mt tote", filled with cute surprises. In the factory itself, it is not allowed to take photos - but here, the visitors get to know all about the mt masking tape production. From the glue, to the printing and packaging:


Kamoi has its own museum:


Colorful mobility with mt masking tape:


Hangover earlier exhibitions:


Showcases exhibiting limited products and mt Limited Editions, which are produced specially for certain mt events and which can only be bought at these events:


Also shown, the primary products of mt masking tapes - amongst others the industrial masking tape. As of late, this becomes by the way also more colorful:


On the first day of  "mt Factory Tour Vol.6", the winners of the 3rd. "mt Design Contest" werre announced and honored.
Please have a closer look to our report here in an extra blog post.


Five year old Runi (here with his parents shortly before the award on the first day of mt Factory Tour Vol.6)

designed his own mt masking tape and won "The Grand Prix".



Always putting his heart and soul in it - from greeting to good-bye of the visitor groups -  Mr. Yukio Taniguchi, senior managing director and head of mt project:


Further highlights of the mt Factory Tours are the event-activities, the exclusiv factory outlet, meals with the staff at the canteen and annually new art exhibitions. As far as the eye can reach, there is mt masking tape everywhere. On the lift truck as well as on the light-switch. Kamois staff decorates its workplace so lovely in every corner.


The factory outlet with lots of "mt Limited Editions", which are only and exclusively sold there, and a lot of designs, coming soon to us to Europe... have a look here:



 Tradition in Japan: At special places and occasions there are always stamps for lovely memories:



Activitiy "trial corner". Brandnew in Japan and in these days ONLY to buy during mt Factory Tour: "mt nazorie" (coming soon!!). "mt nazorie" is a little, very smart tool to project different images with light on your wall. Doing this, you can easily tape the lines to get amazing tape art decorations and wall tatoos:


Activity "sell by weight" -everybody stops here to buy mt masking tapes!:



You can`t go to every mt masking tape event - but you can join it with the activity "virtual reality" ! Put it on your eyes and walk through some mt exhibitions!


Very popular are "Gatcha"-games in Japan. Here you can get a ball filled with an mt masking tape. Is there a lucky ticket included, you get an mt Limited Edition on top!



Like stained glass: This amazing Tape Art (see more on our Insta-Account!) leads the visitors to the big DIY-area:



DIY - with mt masking tape. Notebooks, boxes, buttons, mobiles - in this activity DIY-area everybody has plenty of mt masking tapes to "let off steam" by taping, crafting and enjoying:



mt masking tapes Star-Designer Koji Iyama (Iyamadesign) sees more behind  mt masking tape than only a colorful, decorative masking tape. mt masking tape fans agree! In this exceptional art exhibition - an amazing installation - Koji Iyama communicates some of his views, ideas, storylines and creation:



Setting. Every real mt masking tape poses infront of this great setting :-)

 Yoshiko Iyama (Iyamadesign), Kerstin Schiemenz (PR, mt masking tape, Europe), Koji Iyama (Iyamadesign)

And one more little discovery: a little bit aside on the factory site - a small plain house, inside taped with mt CASA ! :









That was the  "mt Factory Tour Vol.6" 2017. Next one is coming and we are going to report again!











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