mt lab. - mt masking tape shop like a test laboratory


The mt lab. (here in Tokyo) is a temporary shop. It shows the newest mt masking tape creations. And again: only here at mt lab. !




It is like entering a test-laboratory. Over 300 different mt masking tapes are offered in kind of test tubes:


mt lab. shopmanagerin Chiharu Kitahara (left) and mt lab. assistant Acori Onishi (right)




Than, a lot of surprising items, shown on clean white tables. Koji Iyama (star designer and developer at mt masking tape) seems to have a real test lab where he can go wild!


mt Stencil -these are stencils with mt masking tape glue! So it is easy to paste, put on color, and to remove the stencil without traces. How perfect is this!!:





This mt CASA Sheet has little removable squares to create your own individual stencil:




mt, glowing in the dark! How amazing would it be to tape a door case of a boys room - would be like entering a Star Wars space shuttle during the night :-)




 These mt masking tapes are in relationship with traditional crafts and have a shellac coating :





Best for windows, glass, foils... mt masking tapes, with a clear pattern on both sides - front and back- ! :





Masking tape for crafts and industrial use is also becoming more and more colorful.There are masking tapes with scales and with varying adhesive power:




Artworks with the use of mt masking tapes:




 Little machines to demonstrate some steps of the mt masking tape production in Kurashiki, Japan:



To visit the mt lab. you have to register first by phone or mail. This is to get into the mt lab. with calm and enough space to look around and get information by the lovely shop assistans in a great atmosphere.



Even the shopping bags got an extra design by Koji Iyama and his team:



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