mt Bestsellers in the Colour Selection Sets

Colour Selection Set vol.2

"More colours! More fun!"



We have put together six different "Colour Selection Sets", filled with mt masking tapes. Each set serves its own color world: blue, green, red, pastel, gold & silver, black & white.


In the selection we have combined our mt masking tape bestsellers with current colors and patterns. Everything comes in a practical and space-saving cardboard box. Each 4 rolls of one color or pattern make up a set of 15 different mt masking tapes. The total of 60 mt masking tapes per Colour Selection Set thus look tidy calm and pretty. 


The individual mt masking tapes in the second edition of the Colour Selection Sets have already been adapted to the new tape lengths of 7 meters. The width in the sets is exclusively the classic 1.5 cm.


Click on the picture to get to the overview of the Colour Selection Sets we have shown next to our catalogs:



By the way, the sets are also already requested by mt masking tape fans as a complete option for purchase. Especially for offices or teams, this is an exciting possibility, too.

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