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Beauty in design, innovation and zeitgeist in our collection. For these aims we produce in Switzerland and import unusual objects from everywhere around the world. For a life with high aesthetic and creative aspirations at home, workplace or on the go. Every article stands out with functional design, flexibility and urbane congeniality. They are the center of attention in sophisticated ambiences and in every shop specialized on lifestyle and trends. 




mt masking tape is one of the latest products where Thomas Merlo sees potential for an interesting, developing market. Apart from innovation and a large variety of applications, quality comes first. A crossover between tradition and modernism make mt masking tape a real zeitgeisty product.


When Thomas Merlo discovered mt masking tape a couple of years ago in Japan, he was instantly taken by its beauty and functionality. Testing this colourful decoration tape made of rice paper (washi) for some weeks, and showing it around within the company, he was fascinated how everybody was really enthusiastic about these cute little sticky tapes. The company decided very soon to take mt masking tape into their portfolio and to distribute it in Europe.  


Precise print, high quality and the special texture and transparency of rice paper (washi tape) make mt masking tape such an outstanding product and leave competitors behind. Designer, artists and people working in handicrafts know and value these features. 



mt masking tape is made by Kamoi Kakoshi Co. Ltd. from the pastoral city Kurashiki in South Japan. Since 1923 the factory has been producing flycatchers reliably and in traditional craftmanship. Later they began to produce mt masking tape made from rice paper (washi). Having been firmly established in crafts and construction, Kamoi had already a remarkable product.


Since 2006 Kamoi produces mt masking tape in more than hundreds different colours and patterns, and is in a constant process of expanding their portfolio - products like gift wrapping paper or magnetic holders for the tape rolls.